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As a medical provider, your time is too valuable to be wasted on paperwork and worrying whether or not you will get paid for all of the services you provided. Don't waste any more of your valuable time interpreting the constantly changing medical billing regulations when you could be concentrating on what you do best, which is treating your patients. With Medical E-Bill, Inc. you get the expertise of a dedicated billing partner that will work with you and your staff to maximize your revenues, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional quality healthcare to your patients.

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Is Medical Billing Outsourcing Right For Your Practice?

Is your office staff spending endless hours submitting medical claims or tracking payments? Is your office submitting claims on HCFA forms instead of electronically? Have you lost revenue after finding out a patient did not have insurance coverage? Have you ever been denied a payment due to late submission or lack of authorization for a claim? Do you find your cash flow is suffering while waiting for insurance payments?

If you can answer "yes" to any one of the above questions, it may be time to consider medical billing outsourcing to a qualified medical billing service. We make sure the medical billing service submits claims electronically, which pays faster than paper claims. Electronic claims submissions receive reports from insurance companies within two hours of submission, listing the status of those claims. These reports designate which claims were accepted and which were denied. This allows us to make the necessary changes to the rejected claims and resubmit them immediately. Most insurance companies will pay electronic claims submissions within two weeks from the receipt of the claims.

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